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Our Websites and Applications


DonorNest is a collaborative tool engineered to assist NGOs build and maintain meaningful relationships with their donors through efficient engagement. DonorNest's uniqueness lies in its implementation of gamification, data automation and business intelligence. These elements help users streamline donor engagement to make more valuable relationships with their supporters, thus improving credibility among your supporters.


Amplio is an interactive volunteer opportunities portal designed to amplify the impact created by you to positively change the world. We believe that Amplio can serve as the perfect platform for this generation to act upon the Sustainable Development Goals released by the United Nations in 2015 in order to create a viable and infallible future for our world.
Amplio facilitates the possibility for you to search for projects on causes that you’re passionate about, work at a time that is convenient for you and one that employs your unique skills in the most optimum way possible. Using Amplio you can also track and measure the impact you create. We pride ourselves on the constant engagement we provide you with on the platform. Downloadable certificates, transparent processes and credible opportunities are some of the noteworthy features of Amplio.

Circular Society

CircularSociety is a Swiss-based for-profit enterprise that applies a business approach to solve social issues. They harness the collaborative mindset of the 21st century generation to drive sustainable social change through their various projects.

EYE- European Youth Unemlployment

The eYe initiative offers to the young unemployed a 6-month program to become competitive in the job market. The eYe-Certificate offers high-level soft skills training and in collaboration with our partners the program also includes a certified online English course (EF), key IT skills training (ATEC) and an internship with employers in the impact community.

Angie Gisler

Angie Gisler helps to develop English language skills in young learners through an environment that appeals to children’s senses. This includes the following elements: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile.


Leanhire is an end to end and one-stop platform that enables hiring managers to connect with the best Recruitment Consultants, enabling the best candidates to be hired faster.

ITC- International Trading Corporation

International Trading Corporation is One of the leading, reputed suppliers of Iron & Steel materials, in India since 1994.


Ananya is a boutique consulting firm, based out of Hyderabad, specializing in diversity and inclusion with focus on supporting organisations in building a gender diverse workforce at all levels.

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